How to activate

Since the activation process does not get done properly, it is next to impossible to avail of it service. There is a simple step by step procedure to activate it. With a little bit of guidance, any new user can activate the Magicjack. But before, we would love to boost the users’ knowledge about the Magicjack.

Learn something about Magicjack

Magicjack is innovatively designed voice over internet protocol provider. It offers the same services you have at your home but the method of getting the services have changed by the use of Magicjack. For instance, you have a phone line at your home. The Magicjack lets use your phone service via internet connection. This is a portable device. Consequently, it lets you make a call on the roads, parks, etc. You can dial any number through your phone whether it is your Smartphone or office number by connecting the Magicjack to your phone.

But before anything else you have to first activate the Magicjack. There is a simple procedure to do it and you have to carefully follow it.

The procedure to activate Magicjack is given below;



  • Plug your Ethernet cord into the port labelled “INTERNET” on your Magicjack
  • Plug your phone into the port labelled “PHONE” on your Magicjack.
  • Connect the USB extension cable to the Magicjack
  • Connect the Magicjack into USB port of your PC
  • Auto-play dialog box will appear with a button ‘Start Magicjack’
  • Click ‘Start Magicjack’ to install the app
  • Finally register yourself on the app to activate the Magicjack
  • You will ask to register your phone number while creating the account
  • As the registration gets done, click on ‘Confirm’ to your activate account

Need of Magicjack Cares

Meanwhile, you are supposed to undergo some sorts of obstacles. You need not to worry as Magicjack is there for you; techies out there will take care of you all the time.

Hope you find this info worthwhile. Let us know if you have any doubt regarding the Magicjack activation process.


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