How to install Magicjack Go

Magicjack proves the most dependable communication device nowadays. As per the profile of this VoIP based machine, you enjoy disturbance-free calling for hours with family and friends that too without paying hefty mobile phone bills. Keep in mind, it is a home based phone solution therefore you cannot carry out commercial activities using the same. You can ideally depend upon Magicjack Go. This USB-size machine comes with nice portability features therefore you never face any kind or problem to carry along. As per your requirement, you can carry anywhere in the pocket to use at the distant place.

Magicjack Customer Service confirms that Magicjack Go allows free-calling to any number within political boundaries of US and Canada. Additionally, you can dial any Magicjack number to any corner of the world. It is such a lucrative affair as you do only not share experience in detail with the dears but also save a big amount of money against paying for the monthly phone bills. According to the dominating experts, it is the must have device for every home so never think about dropping the idea for purchase or look for alternates. A single step taken in the wrong direction might land you in a highly confusing situation to compromise on various terms despite paying the big price.

On the other hand, timely subscription for Magicjack Phone Number will certainly exemplify the best of your decision-making senses while fetching great benefits at budget-friendly price. New purchasers essentially need to know that MJ does not start working at once as you get the delivery. As a matter of fact, you necessarily have to install the device before harvesting the benefits. You can follow below mentioned steps to complete the task over modem:


  • Plug Ethernet cord into the dedicated port
  • Plug phone into the port reading “PHONE” on Magicjack
  • Connect adapter to Magicjack
  • Connect Magicjack to power outlet

In order to connect with the computer, you need to consider below mentioned steps:


  • Plug phone into “PHONE” port on Magicjack
  • [OPTIONAL] Connect USB extension to MJ
  • Connect Magicjack to desktop/laptop

Previously configured Magicjack necessarily needed to plug in to desktop/laptop to function properly. Contrarily, advanced version does not doing so. As per its latest technical concepts, you can plug in directly to the modem/router to make the free calls for hours. Nevertheless, you inevitably need to connect to the computer in initial stage, after purchase, in order to complete the activation procedure. Later, you can plug in to the modem/router to enjoy with the free calling facility.

Complete exercise with pictures is however given on the internet. You can go through it without any restriction. Call to the represeantives also proves a nice approch. They round the clock remain ready to fix every issue on same call. Call anytime. Their assistance never takes any break. This facitliy delights callers to the wide extent as they never reconcile on the homely comfort or important business hours.

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