How To Set Up magicJack Go?

According to the latest reports of the magicJack Customer Service, advanced technologies and engineering have completely changed the entire scenario of communication. Earlier, callers essentially have to depend upon the traditional landline numbers to exchange words with the distant dears at expensive rates. But onset of internet and VoIP technology have made it easier to communicate for long hours without compromising upon the monetary expenses.

To reap the benefits of this outstanding facility, you can confidently depend upon magicJack. This one of the most popular digital convenience suits the taste and budget of everybody while fulfilling the requirements of everybody in an exciting manner. This pen drive size gadget proves of great use as you can carry magicJack anywhere due to its compact size. Additionally, you can connect with any Windows computer to delight yourself with unlimited calling facility.

Some easy steps to connect with Windows computer are as follows:

  • Plug phone into port reading “PHONE” on your magicJack.
  • Connect USB extension to magicJack (that you get in the box itself).
  • Plug magicJack into USB port of Windows computer.
  • Dialog box with “Start magicJack” will come on screen
  • Click button to install
  • Open the file explorer on your Windows computer (if do not see the dialog box)
  • Press Windows + E
  • Locate “magicJack” and run “autorun.exe”
  • Access on Windows computer or select “Click here to register”
  • Follow prompts to register while providing personal info (or log into existing account).
  • You will find the option to select number during registration exercise

Follow above mentioned points in true sense. This exercise will definitely help in the expected manner while keeping away of different kinds of hassles and inconveniences. You can also try at any point of time. This procedure never goes out of the service even for a single second. Therefore, late-night efforts also deliver the expected results. Executives at magicJack Customer Service clearly mention not to try any alternate solution for the same. There is no other alternate available anywhere in the market. Entire algorithms work up on the innovative concepts and creative approaches. Consequently, we immediately get to know about your intentions and source of usage. In order to restrict your efforts, we can also take the necessary steps according to the company’s policies.

Problem-Free Setup Exercise Remains Uniform For Everybody

However, you will never face any kind of problem during the exercise. If, some kinds of discomforts and confusions are making you uncomfortable on considerable terms then feel free to exchange your query over magicJack Live Chat. This free to use service always remains ready to resolve every kind of query of the respected subscribers on free of cost basis. Subsequently, you never pay extra price to consult the trained and dedicated executives. Charges for services and tools used are applicable. Thus, confirm the details first before requesting any further. Do the needful now, magicJack subscription is waiting to make you a proud beneficiary. Timely decision in this regard will definitely delight in multiple ways while protecting against reconciling on financial grounds.

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