Magicjack Customer Care

Magicjack Customer Care

Communication over technical devices undoubtedly proves of great use as two persons at distant points find it extremely comfortable to share the experience. Earlier, they essentially needed to compromise on monetary terms to harvest the benefits of this technical convenience. But now, things have changed to the large extent. Highly-efficient VoIP based communication device like Magicjack is easily available in the market at affordable price. This gadget proves of great use as it works over the internet connection to provide the facility of free calling.

Conversation through this gizmo proves a lucrative affair. You pay the nominal price only for data usage against hefty mobile phone bills. However, it is essential for you to own the running internet connection otherwise your MJ will not work in any case. As per the functionality of this highly-engineered machine, you need to connect the router/modem using and ethernet cable. Never waste time in thinking regarding the purchase. Early decision you make more money you save against communication. The most interesting point about this machine is you get 30-day free trial on company’s behalf that too properly free.

Features:- Magicjack Features

1. Crystal Clear Communication: Enjoy local & long distance VoIP calling
for hours with distortion-free voice. Always remember your magicJack
essentially has to be plugged-in into computer to place/receive calls. There
are other Magicjack options as well which can be connected directly to a
high-speed Internet connection.

2. Call Anywhere: Dial any number within U.S. and Canada to delight that too without compromising on financial terms. Magicjack policies allow you to enjoy free calling for hours but misuse of this facility can be restricted if company discovers the same.

3. Connect Through Different Means: Magicjack can be used easily with home phone, computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Its compatibility features are really fantastic. Skilled researchers and makers have configured its every function with utmost care to prove highly beneficial.

4. Stay Away Of Periodic Phone Bills: As per the functionality of this
awesome device, you certainly remain protected against paying the hefty
mobile phone bills on monthly basis.

Above given points are jus the snapshots of the wide list of features. There are more points to mention but complete details are not possible to give due to scarcity of space. However, it is sure that Magicjack is the perfect bundle of communication benefits which can be imagined.

Issue:- Magicjack Troubleshooting

Magicjack device no-doubt is a wonderful gadget to own. Therefore, none of the potential subscribers should thing much regarding the purchase. Purchase now to add delights in life. It is problem-free device to utilize. Since, it is a technical device therefore you might face below mentioned issues.

  • Installation/ activation problems
  • Soft phone screen repeatedly appear/disappear
  • Maintenance
  • Poor sound quality
  • Not dialing/receiving calls
  • Inefficient customer support
  • Freeze computer

Above mentioned issues are the most common in the list but not limited to them. There may be more issues to make you uncomfortable. Never get worried about this constraint. With self-attempts or help of skilled technicians of customer care, you can easily overcome in the limited time. As per the teachings of previous experience, assistance of certified representatives must work as per you expectations. If problem persist and does not show any improvement then upgrade to the latest firmware without delay. No tool or service will work without doing so.

Customer service:- Magicjack Customer Service

Like device, Magicjack Customer Service is equally efficient. Subscribers can dial the toll-free number at any point of time with full confidence. None of the issues even remains resolved with them. Skilled and experienced technicians always hear every solicitation with curiosity to implement the most-effective solutions in a systematic way. This policy confirms that one request over phone call essentially fetches the optimum results. As per the efficacy of its professionalism, you also remain protected against different kinds of secondary problems. As a matter of fact, their high quality business standards always give confidence to continuously reap the benefits of this VoIP based technical convenience.

Intact working ethics of its representatives however never let you go through any kind of problem. Despite this progressive approach always works incessantly to make them more promising. These wonderful elements of its commercial activities confirm similar assistance is not possible to find anywhere else in the market despite trying best efforts. In support of this claim even top notch analysts opine all efforts in search of alternate solutions will go vain. Additionally, this approach will cause wastage of time for no gains.


What are the basic requirements to use Magicjack?

You essentially need a running internet connection and compatible equipments like telephone, headset or computer’s mic and speaker. Without proper usage of above mentioned devices, you can make/receive calls in any case. It is easy to use these devices on Magicjack. Read the customers’ guide or call executives for the same.

Can I utilize prepaid calling credits another way?

One word answer for this question is “Yes”. As per the company’s policies, you can do so by accepting all terms and conditions. After completing the simple and easy procedure, subscribers can confidently dial International numbers with the help of cell phone or landline phone. Call to customer care executives is the best practice to confirm the authentic details.

Does Magicjack support answering machine?

Third-party answering machine can be used with Magicjack. However, you essentially need to configure the setting to reap the expected benefits. Entire exercise regarding the above mentioned procedure is simple and easy to follows. Just follow the stipulated rules or call customer care executives for instant solutions.

How many Magicjack devices can be used over one broadband connection?

One Magicjack uses around 80 kbps of bandwidth to function properly. Consequently, it depends upon the bandwidth of your broadband connection. It simply means, you can use a few devices with poor quality connection. On the other hand, broadband connection with higher bandwidth supports all Magicjack of the average family. You also need to know one computer supports one device whereas multiple gadgets can be connected on a router.